Free B-Movies

Auf der Website von AMC kann man sich ganze 27 Filme in voller Länger reinziehen. Natürlich ist da auch viel trashiger Schrott dabei, aber unter anderem findet man auch John Carpenters Erstlingswerk "Dark Star".

"Bikinis! Monsters! Motorcycles! Welcome to BMC, your new go-to site for B-movies by the likes of John Carpenter (Dark Star) and Roger Corman (Saga of the Viking Women). Now online and in full screen, watch unsung classics like Asylum by Psycho screenwriter Robert Block or Corridors of Blood with the inimitable Christopher Lee. Want to see international icons before they made it big? Check out Raquel Welch in A Swingin' Summer or kung fu king Sonny Chiba in Terror Beneath the Sea. Looking for the unexpected? How about The Ruthless Four, a spaghetti Western starring Klaus Kinski."

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